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What is a Stroller-Friendly Race?

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A stroller-friendly race is a running race that allows parents to walk, jog or race with a stroller. These races are not specific running races for strollers to race one another or have specific categories for “strollers” like age group categories, but just to allow running parents to participate with their child in a stroller. We have found races in all distances (e.g., marathons, half marathons, 10k, 5k, etc.) that allow Stroller Runners.  One of my all time favorite races that allow strollers in all their distances is the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon. On the other hand, in the past year, we have seen a wider movement of races starting to incorporate a stroller division (e.g., Race to Solve the Puzzle 5K, Fun Run & Stroller Walk (1 Mile) & Tot Trot or Loop the Lake 5K, 1 Mile Fun Run & Stroller Roll) or races highlighting stroller’s as their main focus (e.g., Rock-n-Roll Stroller 5K – National Harbor and Rivertown Strollerderby 5K Run/Walk, and Stroller Derby).

Most race directors are often open to stroller participants as long as the strollers start in the back and I am pleasantly surprised every day, how willing and open race directors are to the possibility of strollers. The races do not require Stroller Runners to stay in the back the entire duration of the race, just to start there. For safety purposes, they want you to respect the other racers that run a faster pace or hope to do so without initial distractions.

For me, when I am running with a stroller, I am generally running a slower pace and I am not as concerned about my time. I just want to be able to participate in a race atmosphere and do not require a babysitter, especially since both my husband and I train for running races and triathlons. Plus, my kids have been running with me since they were six weeks old and they love going to races and they love to race too and I want them to benefit from all the hard work we have done together.

To find stroller-friendly races throughout the United States go to our calendar.  If you know of stroller-friendly races that are not on the calendar, please “submit the race and we will add it to the calendar.

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Lara is a full time, working, Ironman mom of two young kids. Lara is the founder and CEO of Run Stroller Run, an organization inspired by her own frustration as a competitive former athlete, unable to find races where she could run with her stroller after having a child. Now, Run Stroller Run hosts the world’s only directory of stroller-friendly running races and family-friendly events.

Lara is an honoree of the 2015 Washington Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 and she has been featured on and Women’s Running Magazine.

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