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No “Off-Limit” Foods In My House

Hot or Not - Offlimit foods

Are any foods “off-limits” in your house? If you don’t ban “off- limit” foods in your pantry, you will not be able to control yourself? Not me, and this is why.

In my late twenties, I started to pay more attention to people who ate to live versus living to eat. I admired it and wondered why others (such as myself) could not walk away from those “bad” foods. These people enjoyed their food; they just do not over indulge in one food group or another. I noticed if they wanted a piece of chocolate they had it. They did not feel guilty. They didn’t feel the need to justify why they were eating the M&M’s or how they are going to make up for eating those “sacred” calories. They had a piece or two of chocolate, enjoyed it, satisfied and could walk away. Why? Why not me?

My belief is that these individuals grew up knowing that there were no “off-limit” foods. I am sure they could not have sweets all the time, and most – if not all – went to bed at some point without dessert due to bad behavior. What I am saying is no food was “off” limits and they were allowed to have “bad” foods in their homes.Moderation is Key (1)

Growing up we did not have candy, sweets, Hostess cupcakes, cookies, candy bars, in our house. Not exactly never, but so seldom that when my sister and I had an opportunity to get our hands on sweets we over indulged. We would sneak the coveted chocolate covered peanuts and hide them in our rooms, under our beds, etc. Then when mom asked, who ate them or took them, it was “not me.” I never learned how to eat sweets or desserts in moderation. For me it was all or nothing. That is another story for another day.

I knew when I had kids; I wanted them to learn moderation. To enjoy their food, but never feel like certain foods were “off- limits” that when they ate the food, they felt ridden with disgust and guilt. So ever since having my son 4 years ago, we maintain a treats bin that has different types of sweets. He is allowed to go in there – after asking – and get himself a “treat”. He does not always get a treat because dinner has not been eaten or his behavior has not warranted it, but if he gets one he can get whatever is available. If he picks a chocolate treat, he usually has two or three bites and is done. If he has a cupcake, when he is full he walks away. My daughter who is 19 mos. old is the same way.

My hope is my not having “off-limit” foods that as teens and adults, they will enjoy their food and have dessert, but know how to do it in moderation. And that daddy doesn’t raid the pantry in search of a fix.

Do you have any “0ff-limit” foods?

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Lara is a full time, working, Ironman mom of two young kids. Lara is the founder and CEO of Run Stroller Run, an organization inspired by her own frustration as a competitive former athlete, unable to find races where she could run with her stroller after having a child. Now, Run Stroller Run hosts the world’s only directory of stroller-friendly running races and family-friendly events.

Lara is an honoree of the 2015 Washington Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 and she has been featured on and Women’s Running Magazine.

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