Our Story

Run Stroller Run started out of Lara Coffee’s frustration in searching for races that allowed her to run with her stroller. Stroller-friendly races are hard to find. While many races discourage or outright prohibit the use of jog strollers during the race, Lara found ample races offer special start times to strollers, some that encourage all family participation or allow the strollers to start in the back.

When Lara began her search for stroller-friendly races, there was no one comprehensive list and/ or website to go to that indicates races as stroller-friendly. Sites such as Running in the USA, Active.com, or Runner’s World do not have a search filter for “jogging strollers”, so in order to find out if races are jog stroller-friendly, you have to contact each individual race director.

This is a daunting task, especially for parents who are trying to plan out their race schedules for the year. Lara believes there is a time and a place to race sans stroller, but for their family, there are times it is nice for everyone to race. Furthermore, not all parents have the means or luxury of having someone else watch their child while they race, so racing without them is not an option.

What once was an Excel document for races in several states quickly became a national comprehensive database of stroller-friendly races.

Run Stroller Run is the premier website focusing on stroller-friendly races that allow parents to jog or walk with their jogging strollers, and family-friendly races, triathlons and other competitive endurance events. Our comprehensive, integrated calendar is searchable by both state and distance, and is the largest directory of these races in the world.

At Run Stroller Run, our goal is to list every running-related race that is stroller-friendly in the world, with an initial focus on the United States. We want to make it easy for our visitors to find race information and connect with other stroller runners, and to find family-friendly endurance events that you can enjoy with your family.

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